AmazonCommercial Water Cooler

AmazonCommercial is one of the most popular water cooler brands.
AmazonCommercial Water Cooler

The Amazon Commercial is a rotomolded 5-gallon water cooler. According to the manufacturer, the product is built to last and can keep the beverages cold for 3-5 days or longer. Most people like the product because it is very sturdy and is built to last.


AmazonCommercial Rotomolded 5 Gallon Water Cooler features and important details.

  • Roto-molded beverage cooler and dispenser is ideal for camping, recreation, job sites, events, and the like since ice retention is longer.
  • It is made of three-inch food-grade plastic with commercial-grade insulation plus molded tie-down slats for secure transport, and a lock-in-place ergonomic steel handle.
  • Bottles have built-in stainless steel lock-plate bottle openers, non-skid feet, and low-profile snag-less TPE T-clasp latches for reliable, secure closure with an internal capacity of 640 ounces.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“Let me start this review by saying I've tried several high end coolers including Yeti Roadie 20, Lifetime 28, and Ozark Trail 26 (Walmart brand). This cooler holds ice longer than all of them... no exaggeration. I threw 6 frozen 12oz water bottles in the cooler with no pre-chill and kept the cooler in my hot 90+ degree hatchback all week at work. The bottles stayed frozen for 4 days... that's impressive with no pre-chill! I think I could get 5+ days with a good pre-chill. The cooler is also fully air tight and does not leak. It's very durable as well.” — Dave
“A little heavy to lift in and out of a tractor-trailer rig. Thats the only dislike. Amazing how it keeps my stuff cold. Was using a cheaper cooler, and my drinks and stuff would be almost warm after 5-6 hours, even with a/c running in truck 75% of the time. With this cooler..... hmmm. Came home after working all night, and forgot to get leftover food out. Sat in my pickup in carport for 24 hours in 88 degree temp. Got stuff out.... and still cold. Amazing difference!!!!” — Neil
“Well, this thing is amazing. I have two bigger ice packs and a smaller one and I was able to just leave them in there three days and by the end of the third day there was still ice in the larger packs. That’s with me opening up the cooler several times throughout the day in a warm house. The other thing I REALLY like about this is that I use it as a seat when I take a break. So that’s a huge plus. The handle is very solid and not loose in anyways. The latches ti close the lid are also solid and don’t feel cheap. It latches and seals the inside very well. One thing to keep in mind is that the thing is the same inner size as my old lunch box but probably almost double the exterior size. I knew that when I bought and you can’t knock a star for that. It’s the whole point of these types of coolers having several inches of insulation. So it’s a lot bigger outside than what the inside is. So far I’ve got no complaints and I’ve had it for a couple weeks.” — Calib