Types of Water Filtration

There are four basic categories of water-filtration systems:

Physical Filtration

This type of filtration targets larger particulate matter suspended in your water. Whether these particles are too small to see or large enough to cloud the water, physical filtration strains them out. A filter sifts materials out of the water as it flows through, trapping matter and letting cleaner water emerge on the other side.

Chemical Filtration

This method passes water through a barrier with a chemical property that kills harmful bacteria in the water. Other types of chemical filtration add a clumping ingredient to the particulates, allowing them to be trapped in a physical filter.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis systems use pressurized water through a semipermeable filter that contains tiny holes to trap harmful bacteria. Reverse pressure then washes away the strained sediments and bacteria. Reverse osmosis produces a great deal of wastewater.


Distillation isn't technically a form of filtration, although it is used to separate water from impurities. Heat is used to change water to its gaseous state (steam/vapor) which leaves minerals and impurities behind. The water vapor is then captured and returned to a liquid state.

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