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Utah's Water Quality Scores a B+

Utah earned a B+ in water quality from WaterZen. How does Utah's grade compare to neighboring states?

Interesting Water Facts

Seven Fascinating Facts About Water

How much do you know about water? Here are seven fascinating facts about H20.

Safe Drinking Water Act

The Safe Water Drinking Act of 1974 and Water Safety Standards in the United States

Learn all about the water regulations and reasons behind the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 passed by Congress to ensure that Americans have clean drinking water.

Seven Countries with the Worst Water

Traveling Abroad? Seven Countries with the Worst Drinking Water

Sadly, nearly a quarter of the world's population lacks access to clean drinking water. Here's a list of seven countries with the worst water supplies.

Water Storage

How to Store Water Long-Term: An In-Depth Guide to Water Storage

Having enough stored water can be life-saving in the case of an emergency or disaster. Learn how to store water for the long-term with our full guide.

What Is Potable Water?

What Is Potable Water? Everything You Need to Know

Are you curious about potable water? About what it is and what makes it so? If yes, check out this complete guide to potable water.

How Often Do You Need Water-Quality Testing?

How Often Do You Need Water-Quality Testing?

When was the last time you had the quality of your water tested? Here's how often you need to invest in water-quality testing for your home.

Signs There's Iron in Water

Should You Really Be Drinking Tap Water?

Is tap water safe to drink or not? This guide looks at the reasons for and against.

Water Quality

How Is Water Quality Defined? What to Know About the Safety of Your Drinking Water

Levels of bacteria, solid particulates, salinity, and dissolved oxygen — these all affect water quality. Read on to find out more.


The Real Story Behind the Dasani Water Scandals

From a parasitic worm lurking inside the bottles to high levels of bromate, Dasani water bottles have had their fair share of controversies. But which are fact and which are fiction?

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