HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Tester

HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Tester uses advanced microprocessor technology and has a measurement range from 0-9990 ppm.
HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Tester
HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Tester shuts off automatically after 10 minutes to conserve batteries. It also has a Hold function that records the measurements. Customers are very satisfied with this TDS meter and say that it shows accurate results. Many of them compared it with other TDS meters from different brands, and say that this one is better than the others.


HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester features and important details.

  • HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Tester has a measurement range from 0-9990ppm.
  • HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Tester shuts off after 10 minutes.
  • HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Tester has a Hold feature that saves measurements.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“I gained confidence that the gauge actually does work. After some time, I bought a 'zerowater' filter, to see if I could get better results, I measured the water in a glass (washed with the Phoenix tap water) and it measured about 140. I then cleaned the glass cup from that tap wash, and poured in the zerowater again, and it measured 002 TDS. The gauge seems to be responsive to variations like this, and I am impressed with it. I would definitely recommend this product to understand what's coming out of the tap.” — Razor
“I took out he chlorinator and the copper electrode and cleaned them both again and the low salt was still on. The water was starting to turn green so I went online and found this tester. It showed me the reading was 845 X10. That's like more than double what it should be. I tested my tap water and filtered water just to ensure the accuracy and both of those readings where exactly where they should be. If I would have tested the water sooner I could have done something before wasting all that salt and ending our pool season early. I've drained the pool until next year.” — Tim
“This is a great tool to test your reverse osmosis water. I take this gadget to all of my family's and friend's homes and test their water. Cool gadget that actually serves a purpose. It seems to be pretty spot on as I've tested it along side a different brand of TDS Tester and they were within a few points of each other. Make sure the water you are testing is at room temp before testing, as extreme cold or hot water will throw off the reading and could also damage the prongs and mess up the calibration.” — Richard