Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit

The Original Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit is a popular water testing kit for well and tap water
Watersafe Drinking Water Test Kit

The Original Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit for Well and Tap Water is sensitive to Lead, Nitrates, Bacteria, and other contaminants. The manufacturer claims that the Lead test can detect lead in water at concentrations as low as 3.8 parts per billion. Each test has been thoroughly Lab-Validated to ensure that it is very accurate and dependable, according to the producer. Most of the users reported that the kit was easy to use and gave some feeling of safety. However, a few people have complained that their results were inconclusive and inaccurate.


The Original Watersafe Premium Drinking Water Test Kit for Well and Tap Water features and important details.

  • Can detect contaminants such as bacteria, nitrate, nitrite, and chlorine in water, and also test hardness and pH of the water.
  • Can provide testing at EPA-Validated level.
  • Sensitive Lead test that can detect Lead in concentrations of 3.8 parts per billion.
  • Test instructions are simple and easy to follow and can be performed in minutes.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“I have done many at home tests, but this one immediately infuriated me: The vial they provide for the bacterial test has clear lines on it. When you attempt to fill it to the 5 ml line, you can't see any of the lines ! They advise you to not go above the 5 ml line. Additionally, there is another line above the 5 ml line to confuse you further.... How about you put a dark line at the fill point?? That said, the rest of the tests were fine and easy to follow. It's nice to have the ability to test these things at home.” — Jessica

“Most of the tests take no more than 10 min and are very easy to perform. The bacteria test does take 48 hours though. I captured a sample of the water from my shower in a small tupperware. You don't need very much. The results were "conclusive" and I was able to tell that the levels for iron and copper were elevated, which was somewhat in line with what I expected given the color of the water. If you have doubts as to whether your water is drinkable, I would always have it professionally tested, but I think this was a good first step.” — Andrea
“directions exactly as listed, step by step and more than half of the test kit was a fluke. Basically i spent 25.00 to get 0 answeres. All this was was essentially a Pool test kit and some added strips from that senior year of high school chemestry lab. Not to mention that those test strips did not even work ...usually they do not work if they are old and i am aware there is a problem with my water i just needed to know how bad. The Lead and Pestaside test was a bust. Really disapointed in this.” — Anton