Brio Moderna Water Dispenser

Brio Moderna Water Dispenser is a stainless steel water cooler.

Brio Moderna Water Dispenser

The Brio Moderna Water Dispenser is self-cleaning and can accommodate a 3 to 5-gallon jug in the cooler's bottom. According to the manufacturer, it delivers both cold and hot water at 39°F and 174°F, respectively. The hot water spout has a two-step dispensing method, which ensures that no hot water is accidentally dispensed. Most people believe it provides water at the right temperature while making minimal noise. However, a few people have reported that they dislike the taste of the water it produces.


Brio Moderna Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser features and important details.

  • Self-cleaning and easy bottom loading design.
  • Dispense hot and cold water.
  • Has a child safety lock, a LED nightlight, and an indicator that lets you know when to refill the bottle.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:.

“Every week we juggled bottles of plastic bottles from the market to our home into our refrigerator so that we have water to drink. I am so happy I made this investment and switched over from regular bottles of water to this system. It is saving me so much time, hassle, money and the environment! Every morning I use the hot water that boils up to 194 F for my coffee and tea and the cold water to fill my Hydroflask. The sleek design and easy bottom load refill system and makes my life so easy. I also love how it has an automatic ozone cleaning system that I think is very important. This ozone cleaning that is installed in the water cooling/heating system takes 90 minutes but thoroughly cleans the entire system of any unwanted remnants or moss. This system does not waste electricity or make any excessive noise. I love having cold and hot water at the touch of my fingertips. For anyone that wants you do have a third option of room temperature water also! I highly recommend this product to anyone even with small office or home space.” — Lori
“I went to a bottom feed because I was tired of lifting the bottles. But along with that came great hot water, cold cold water, and the just right temp my wife enjoys. Bonus is that the tray under the single spigot is broad enough that a large mug can sit there securely. The unit is attractive, and it fills and heats the water quickly. It's revolutionized my tea drinking. I haven't found a real drawback yet. Never had a bad taste, it's not noisy (it is a pump, so it makes a little noise, but you really don't notice) and I don't have a 40 pound missile sitting on top of a slender stand in my kitchen. My wife, who hates change, declares this the best purchase for the kitchen ever.” — Jerry
“It is loud when you open up the cold water function. It is louder than my fridge. And by a lot. The touch buttons aren’t the most sensitive, took me a while to set the time right. It is pretty low for an adults height. I’m only around 5’2 and it still feels pretty low for me to get water. It was easy to install but that’s about it. Overall not really happy with this purchase. I don’t really see it as worth the money for this more expensive model. It seems like it has the same problems as being loud like the cheaper models. And if that is the case why buy a more expensive model? Would not recommend this to friends and family.” — Layla