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Yellow Tea Kettles Reviewed - Top 5

We've created a list of 5 excellent kettles that have all the style, durability, and functionality that one could ask for, along with a beautiful yellow color design to boot!


How Long Does Brewed Tea Last?

In this guide, we discuss how long brewed tea lasts and answer a few questions connected to this matter.


How to Make a Delicious, Foamy, Perfect Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea is a health drink that is gaining a lot of attention lately. Here is a guide explaining what matcha is, its health benefits, and tips for making the perfect cup!


Does boiling water kill coronavirus?

Does boiling water kill coronavirus? Here are the facts about viruses, how boiling water affects the coronavirus, and the best options for boiling water.


Why Does Boiled Water Taste Different?

Does boiling tap water improve the taste? The answer is rather complicated as there is a rather mixed reception towards the change of taste after it has been boiled. In this guide, we will discuss why boiling water alters the taste and how to enhance the flavor.

uses and benefits of electric kettles image 1

Uses and Benefits of Electric Kettles - Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about the uses, benefits, and must have features of electric kettles.

KitchenAid KEK1222SX Electric Kettle

KitchenAid Tea Kettles Reviews

Kettles come in all shapes and sizes but most of them are not good in quality. Here we have the best collection of KitchenAid kettles that you can buy right now.


Is it OK to leave water in a kettle?

Is it OK to leave water in a kettle? Here we will discuss why leaving water in the kettle will ruin the taste of hot beverages and contribute to the shortened lifespan of your kettle.

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