CHAMPS 5 Gallon Jug with Lid and Spout is among the top 5-gallon water jugs.


The CHAMPS 5 Gallon Jug with Lid and Spout is a vitrolero plastic jar suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. It has a large capacity of 20 liters and can hold all kinds of drinks, including water, agua fresca, lemonade, and juices. The manufacturer claims that it is well-built to stand the test of time and won't bend or break. Most people like this item for keeping beverages and have reported that it does not leak.


CHAMPS 5 Gallon Jug with Lid and Spout features and important details.

  • Suitable for all drinks, including Aguas Frescas, horchata, party punch, water, agua fresca, lemonade, jamaca drink, and juice.
  • Holds 5 gallons (20 liters).
  • Made with BPA-free plastic material.
  • Solid vitrolero plastic jar ideal for parties, fiestas, and other outdoor and indoor activities.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“This was purchased for a luau themed gathering . We were able to make a great batch of mai tai’s that was super easy to dispense. It didn’t leak from the spout. Definitely a great purchase for group beverage dispensing- and not necessarily just for alcohol.” — Cariella
“I like the clear container and the spout works great.” — Gingee
“I was wondering how thick the actual container was but it’s perfect. Light weight and large opening makes it easy to clean. Great for all of my family get together.” — Josie