Chefbar Tea Kettle with Thermometer

Chefbar Tea Kettle is one of the most popular stovetop kettle brands.

Chefbar Tea Kettle with Thermometer

Chefbar Tea Kettle is a stove-top gooseneck kettle with temperature control. The manufacturer claims that it's not just the "Barista's Choice" because they are bringing affordable, quality kitchen products to everyone. Most people like that it works great and it is cute.


Chefbar Tea Kettle with Thermometer for Stove Top features and important details.

  • The pour-over tea kettle features a precision gooseneck spout nozzle, which is critical for making drip coffee and pouring over tea to ensure consistent coffee extraction.
  • It has a heat and slip-resistant Bakelite handle.
  • This 28 oz, 4-tea-cup size tea kettle is made of premium 304 food-grade stainless steel with an easy-to-read integrated thermometer and reader on the lid that allows you to boil water to the precise temperature.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“Smaller size is better for 2-3 cups coffee/tea. Spout pours without sputtering and sending scalding water all over. Handle stays cool and enhances pouring. Easy to tell when water is boiling b/c the lid rattles. The steam doesn’t seem to be able to escape much so you won’t see a lot of it. The lid is tight, no slipping during pour. The temp holes fit my WS thermometer but do not fit my other one. They are very small holes so be aware of that. Heats quickly from cold to boiling in about 5-6 minutes. Elegant design looks great in my kitchen. Handle is sturdy and is riveted on. Kettle does not seem cheap or flimsy in any way. I highly recommend for ppl who don’t need a large size kettle.” — Maria
“I really like this little kettle. It's the perfect size to quickly boil water for a few cups of tea. The handle has a nice grip. The lid stays on when pouring and it looks nice sitting on my stove. And since I read reviews before purchasing, I too am now using the water not used for my plants once it's cooled. My ferns are also happy with this purchase.” — Kelly
“I have had this for a couple of weeks and so far no issues. It’s perfect for 1 to 2 people. The gooseneck is Precise in it’s pouring and has a great look to it. It doesn’t boil over, the steam is released from the top ventilation. I typically do not boil it on a high heat. The handle is cushioned well and not hot to the touch. I would recommend this product.” — Kevin