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Chefman Electric Hot Water Boiler Review

The Chefman Electric Hot Water Boiler is a good option for those looking for an efficiently priced and easy to use water boiler.

Chefman Electric Hot Water Boiler

The Chefman Electric Hot Water Boiler is a good option for those looking for an efficiently priced and easy to use water boiler. It’s not as good as the Secura Water Boiler, but it’s a bit cheaper.

It has all of the features one would expect in a water boiler – an easy-to-use dispenser, a vacuum insulated container, stainless steel exterior, and a convenient carrying handle.


It has a stainless steel exterior which gives it a nice polished look so it looks great on any countertop. It also has a nice two dispense button that allows you to easily dispense hot water at any given moment either manually or via the auto button.

The carrying handle makes it easy to transport the water boiler and It feels sturdy as well. Its rotating base is a nice touch.

Most importantly, the vacuum insulated container will keep water warm all day so you can have your coffee, oatmeal, or tea in the morning, and then the water will still be warm when you return in the evening after a long day.

Chefman Electric Hot Water Boiler


It has a pretty large 5.3-liter capacity which is great for serving several cups of soup or tea for the whole family. It has a built-in water level gauge so you can easily determine the water levels.

Features – Stay Warm

Most importantly, stay warm. After all, the main difference between any water boiler and an electric kettle is the fact that a water boiler will keep your water warm for hours, days even depending on the model, thus saving you time, electricity, and energy.

So how does the Chefman Hot Water Boiler stack up against the competition? Not too bad given its price point.

It has a 700-watt 5.7-ounce cup capacity with the ability to keep water warm for hours and then reboil it to bring the water back up to your desired temperature levels.



Its lid locks to prevent spills when the unit is tipped over. Burning yourself with hot water is no fun – trust me.

It also has a locking dispenser and, most importantly, an auto shut off feature when the water levels get too low

Bottom line

This is an efficient choice for people who aren’t heavy coffee, soup, or tea drinkers. If you’re going to use a water boiler daily, we wouldn’t recommend the Chefman because there are some reviews on Amazon indicating that the unit isn't very durable. That said, if you need something cheap that will get the job done, then the Chefman water boiler is for you.