Evian Water Review

Evian is one of the most popular mineral water brands.

Dave Ericksen

Evian is "natural spring water" that is filtered as it flows through glacial rocks in the French Alps. The manufacturer claims this process provides a distinct taste due to the natural occurring minerals and electrolytes that are picked-up from the environment. Evian usually comes in a plastic bottle that is made from up to 35% recycled plastic. Most people like the taste and the brand has a devoted following. However, a few people have reported the mineral taste is too much for their liking. 


Evian Natural Spring Water features and important details.

  • Natural spring mineral water that is balanced at 7.2 Ph.  
  • Can be purchased in 310 and 750 mL sizes.  You can also purchase a 24 or 12 pack.  
  • Plastic bottles are made from up to 35% recycled plastic.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“It's Evian. Constantly rated one of the best waters. Though it is pricey if you drink this regularly, you notice other waters taste like plastic / chemicals and it's gross.” — Karen
“This was my first time trying evian and I wasnt a fan. Hardly ever has water disgusted me (other than deja blue) but this stuff did. The water was thick feeling which seemed odd and it had a very potent mineral type taste.” — Jessica
“The label literally tells you what the 345 ppm minerals are. The TDS tester that comes with a zero water filter or where ever is quantitative, not qualitative. It can't tell the difference between chlorine and chemicals from processing water to things that are supposed to be there like silica, potassium, magnesium, or calcium, which make your water taste good and are healthful to have in your water.” — EttaP

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