FIIHO Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer

FIIHO a well-known brand of tea kettle brands.
FIIHO Pour Over Kettle with Thermometer
FIIHO is a pour over coffee and tea kettle with built-in thermometer to check exact temperature of water. The manufacturer claims that its unique gooseneck outlet design provides for complete control over the speed and position of the hot water, resulting in a more enjoyable brewing experience. The majority of buyers adore it because it is both functional and stylish.


FIIHO Stainless Steel Pour Over Coffee & Tea Kettle with Thermometer features and important details.

  • Gooseneck kettle has a unique three-layer base design and has long-lasting rust resistance.
  • A built-in thermometer allows you to set the optimal temperature so that you can make the perfect coffee every time.
  • It is made of high-quality copper coated 304 stainless steel.

Insightful Reviews

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“For me this is perfect. Up out of bed before the rest of the family and I get to make MY cup, or 2, of coffee. Kettle is light, but not flimsy. Didn't think that I'd need the thermometer - have come to rely on it. Comes to temperature pretty quickly. I have a small diameter gas burner heating this and the handle stays room temperature. Our water's filtered and I haven't had the need to clean this, except for when I received it. It was easy enough to clean with one of those foam brushes. I do let the kettle air dry when I use it. Water collects in some areas and I sop it up with a towel. Interior and exterior are pristine, no signs of rust. Holds about 4 cups of water which is two cups of pour over coffee for me. Tried to do without this by using a regular kettle - water all over. I THINK THAT THIS KETTLE IS PERFECT!” — Darren
“I am very pleased with this kettle. It definitely met my expectations. The kettle is easy to clean and I've had it for some months now and have not experienced any rust (i have the gray version). it makes pouring hot water very easy and with the long goose neck design I have full control of the water flow. it only takes a few minutes to get water hot, and the handle stays cool so you can immediately pick it up when ready.” — Jim
“This is a great kettle for pour overs or any thing where the water needs to be at a set temperature. The long spout allows for a controlled pour. A rubber spout cover is included in the box. Using the spout cover while heating the water, stops the water from shooting out of the spout while heating. Make sure that the lid is fully seated when boiling water. This prevents hot water from steaming out of the top and allows the kettle to reach your desired temperature more quickly. This kettle is not made to whistle. You must pay attention to the temperature. I highly recommend.” — Marlin