Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle

Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle has a capacity of 1 gallon and it is made of Tritan plastic.
Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle
Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle is BPA-free, it has a removable straw and motivational time markers. Customers like this water bottle and the colors, and are satisfied with the quality.


Giotto Large 1 Gallon Motivational Water Bottle features and important details.

  • Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle has motivational time markers.
  • Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle has a capacity of 1 gallon.
  • Giotto Large Motivational Water Bottle is BPA-free.

Insightful Reviews

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“OK I like most people I struggle with drinking enough water as a medical assistant wearing a mask all day it’s even harder, but this really keeps you accountable. Not only does it give you motivation, but it also gives you a time limit in which to do it. The bottle itself is beautiful!!! iT doesn’t spill or leak has a straw that bounces up so it’s extremely easy to drink from. I’ve had to send links to several people wanting to purchase it for themselves. The para cord bracelet handle just makes it 10 times better! I fill up mine the night before and I usually put strawberries lemon cucumbers whatever and all day it taste amazing. Everybody at work what’s to get one to! I feel so much better! Buy this bottle you will not regret it” — Deanna
“I love this gallon water bottle so much. I’ve tried a few and it exceeds my expectations! Very happy with it!! The first brand I bought on Facebook had a smaller opening and it was very hard to put ice in; it didn’t have a dust cap and to make matters worse the plastic handle broke. This one, for the same price, has a wide mouth to easily add ice, a dust cap which I appreciate d/t working at a hospital AND a ripcord type handle... no breaking that. And as an added bonus it’s made of quality material... it’s soft to the touch but durable. Finger divots on sides to easily grasp to take a drink. It’s easy to hand wash. I only hand wash the drink ware I LOVE to preserve the quality. I highly recommend!” — Aimee
“Perfect for athletes. Although, I’m not one. Great material to the touch. It does sweat but it’s no more than any other bottle. Easy to drink from with two hands. The straw is a bit frustrating but that doesn’t take away any value. I prefer not to use the straw anyway. The paracord is what sold me because it makes carrying the bottle so effortless. As you can see really big in size. I think I should have gotten the half gallon but oh well. The colors are just icing on the cake. I get compliments on my bottle all the time. I’m extremely pleased with my purchase.” — Arthur