Igloo Legend Sports Jug

Igloo is a well-known brand of water dispensers.
Igloo Legend Sports Jug
Igloo is a half-gallon jug. The manufacturer describes it as a "fun and lively reincarnation of their classic model from the 1990s." This item has a lot of positive feedback on Amazon, with many people appreciating the design and functionality. It was money well spent, as it keeps water cold or hot for a long time.


Igloo 1/2 Gallon Legend Sports Jug features and important details.

  • With room for a nice, cold half gallon of water (or other hydrating beverage) and an easy-pour spout.
  • The lid easily unscrews so you can clean out the inside and then fill it up.
  • When you're ready to head out, the carry handle keeps this jug mobile.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:.

“This holds a lot of water, has a carrying handle, fills easily with ice and water, keeps it cold, is easy to drink from and doesn't leak. Pretty much everything you'd want in a cooler.” — Angela

“Its great I work 10 hour days fill this up twice a day helps keep me hydrated. Water stays cold which is great and its very durable.” — Maureen
“This beverage cooler leaks, simply stated the cover does not screw down well and although it has slot for gasket, it does not come with one, and to restate cap threading is extremely poor quality. This is not what I expected from Igloo Legend.” — Bryan