North Mountain Supply Carboy

North Mountain Supply Carboy is a glass jug manufactured in the US.
North Mountain Supply Carboy
The North Mountain Supply 5 Gallon Carboy is made of Italian glass for home brewing and fermentation of wine and beer. It can also be used for making sauce and storing water because of its large size. It usually comes with a rubber stopper and airlock. The manufacturer claims that this provides a tight hold on the jug and releases built-up gases without allowing air to enter. Most people think this item is made with sturdy thick glass and works as intended.


North Mountain Supply 5 Gallon Carboy Fermenting Jug features and important details.

  • Has a 5-gallon capacity.
  • Comes with drilled and undrilled rubber stopper and 6 bubble airlocks.
  • Has basic wine and beer brewing and fermenting features.
  • Can also serve for pickling and sauce making, and for storage.

Insightful Reviews

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“The glass is great, very sturdy and not super thin. The plugs and 1 way valve work as intended. Happy with purchase and would recommend.” — Shelby
“This is a very well made product. Thick glass. Much nicer than I expected.” — Kasey
“The Quality and sturdiness of the glass in this carboy is absolutely amazing! However, I used the rubber stopper on my recent mead brew and the smell of rubber is extremely pungent in my brew. I recommend this carboy but use a different stopper.” — Nick