Mobile-Soft-Water by HydroTec Systems

Portable 'Mobile-Soft-Water' Water Softener is a mobile softener produced by HydroTec Systems of Tiskilwa, Illinois.

Portable Water Softener

With a capacity of 6,400 grains, the Portable 'Mobile-Soft-Water' Water Softener eliminates chlorine, lead, calcium, magnesium, iron, and other heavy metals from well and municipal water. The softener vessel is a 6-inch diameter fiberglass reinforced plastic vessel with a 150 PSI working pressure that is designed to accommodate most RV installations. The inlet male hose connection and the outlet hose connection are both made of lead-free nylon. The tank normally comes with one Zero Soft Test Kit and is loaded with 0.2 cubic feet of C-108 cation resin and 8 percent cross link styrene softening resin. The majority of people think this item is worth the money.


Portable 'Mobile-Soft-Water' Water Softener features and important details.

  • Compact, saves space and can fit in most RV units.
  • Removes calcium, magnesium, lead, radium, and soluble iron.
  • Has a capacity of 6,400 grains.
  • Usually comes with one Zero Soft Test Kit.
  • Made with lead-free materials approved by USEPA and NSF61.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“We installed this inline in the master bath. It works fantastic!! Just add table salt every few weeks depending on how hard your water is and enjoy nice soft water.” — Matthew
“It works great!” — Shannon
“It's worth the money. I put this on and it worked like magic. The red test strip was before. Green the final result. Thank you for distributing these. Hard water is a violent thing. Will save me money in the long run.” — Camper