‎PRO+AQUA Water Softener

PRO+AQUA Portable RV Water Softener is one of the leading water softener and conditioners in the market.
‎PRO+AQUA Water Softener

PRO+AQUA Portable RV Water Softener is a ready-for-use mobile water softener and conditioner which eliminates damaging hard minerals from the city or well water. Softened water helps prevent dry skin or scalps, prevent rust stains and scale build-up in your pipes, and improve flavor and odor in your water. Most people like the product for its functionality and value for money. Although a few commented that the plastic connectors and parts could be improved for better durability.


‎PRO+AQUA Portable RV Water Softener features and important details.

  • Its small size (10" x 19.5") makes it easy to fit into tight places, like an RV storage bay or a boat dockside locker.
  • California-designed and manufactured with high-quality NSF materials.
  • It comes ready to use and doesn't need any tools or electricity to start working.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“This device is wonderful. Finally a shower in my RV with nice slippery water and soap suds! Works great so far. Water pressure drop slightly but not enough to concern me. Actually helps with showering because thew slight flow reduction extends the time you have hot water from the little 5gal heater!! I will recommend this product to anyone who uses their RV fully.” — Jim

“This suckers amazing! After spending 90 days on the road on our motor coach, we soon realized the water at campgrounds is very unpredictable and 4 days with rusty water will ruin the sink and fixtures. We used this about 40 days and it performed wonderful. I haven’t regenerated it yet, but will now that we are home. It’s a bit heavy to lift in and out of the basement but I’m young and it’s worth it. I’m sure they all weigh the same. Would but again!” — James
“Bought about a month ago and just had opportunity to install. After a day’s use, I can’t say I notice any difference. While it’s supposed to come fully charged and ready for use, after several uses including washing the car, a shower, and other activities, I decided to regenerate the device since the car was full of hard water spots that I’ll have to run through a car wash to clean it off. Per instructions, I bought 4 pounds of table salt to regenerate and we also bought the regeneration and filter kit. For regeneration, the kit only holds 2 pounds of salt. Do I need to stop in the middle of regeneration and reload it? After regeneration, i ran the water through the kitchen faucet for about 10 minutes to get the water clear from a milky white appearance. I also took another shower and once again notice no difference in the water. I’ll keep trying to get better results but at this point, I recommend an alternate system.” — Bill