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Tiger PDU-A50U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer - Stainless Black, 5.0-Liter

The Japanese brand Tiger PDU Electric Water Boiler and Warmer is a great addition to the existing Tiger water boilers.

Tiger PDU-A50U-K

The Japanese brand Tiger PDU Electric Water Boiler and Warmer is a great addition to the existing Tiger water boilers. It comes with all the modern features one would expect and is essentially an updated model of the previous Tiger water boilers.

For those who need ample capacity to both heat and keep their water warm at preset temperatures for several hours, you'll be glad to know the Tiger comes in 3, 4, and 5-liter models.


As seen in the picture below, the Tiger Water Boiler features a slick LCD. It is also elegantly designed, is made of stainless steel, and honestly just blends in nicely with any kitchen.


Stay Warm

There is a reboil function to quickly bring water back to boiling temperature. Keep in mind the initial boil, as reported by some users is anywhere from 7-10 minutes.


Allows for easy adjustment of up to two sleep timer settings (6 or 9 hours), which allows you to program the water boiler to save energy by determining the time for which you'd like the water to be heated to a pre-determined temperature.

The display is also where you'll set up to four different temperature settings: 208°F /194°F / 176°F / 158°F. Perfect for making a variety of different teas.



This is essentially a safety feature that will keep water from being dispensed. There's also a safety auto shut-off feature that activates when the unit senses low water levels. Nowadays, I expect all of my appliances to be smart! The lever itself is pretty simple, simply push the button to dispense hot water when ready.

Removable lid

The lid is removable which makes cleaning the unit a lot easier. There's a hook on the back of the lid that can easily be detached to clean up any stains. But as far as overall cleanliness, there's a non-stick coated inner pot and the unit is leakproof.


The Tiger Electric Water Boiler features a removable power cord for added safety and convenience. 928W when boiling, 65 W keep warm.


It comes equipped with de-chlorination capabilities although that shouldn't be too much of a concern with water boilers that are made of stainless steel.

Features at a Glance

  • Comes in 3, 4, and 5 Liter Models.
  • Handy and elegant LCD Display
  • Four different temperature settings: 208° F, 194° F, 176° F, 158° F
  • Stainless steel and easy to clean non-stick inner container.
  • Energy Saving Timer.
  • The removable upper lid and detachable power cord to facilitate cleaning.
  • If the dispense button is not activated within 10 seconds, it will automatically lock the dispenser.
  • Dechlorinate mode for reducing chlorine and musty odors