Watts RV Water Softener

Watts RV Water Softener is a popular water softener brand for RVs.
Watts RV Water Softener
The Watts RV Water Softener is a portable water softener that removes hardness from water and regenerates with table salt. It has a high flow rate and low-pressure drop, as well as a built-in line flow restrictor which is said to allow for effective regeneration and increase the capacity by 55%. It usually comes with hardness test strips. The majority of users are praising this item for improving their water quality, although a minority of them have reported having a leaking device.


Watts RV Portable Water Softener features and important details.

  • Has a built-in drain line flow restrictor that increases the capacity by 55%.
  • Can be regenerated with table salts with/without connection.
  • Has a high flow rate and low-pressure drop.
  • Comes with hardness test strips and a full cradle base.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“My wife was very pleased having soft water because we have a washer in the RV. She says it makers all the difference having soft water to wash clothes. I noticed it in the shower, the soap lathered up so much better than with the hard water. My biggest concern was how long the soft water would last before it would require "regeneration" (adding more salt). It comes with test strips so that you can monitor the hardness of the water, but I could actually feel the difference when the unit needed regeneration. It's lasted a month and that's with two people in the household with a clothes washer. The regeneration process was simple to do and required only 2 pounds of salt. I'm very satisfied with the unit. I'd highly recommended it to any fellow RVer.” — Bill
“The softener has been in operation now for one full month in this hard water environment and it has exceeded our expectations. We have a washer and dryer, dishwasher and use the shower in our coach and after a full months operation I had to regenerate it for the first time today. Regeneration was also a consideration because it states you need to run fresh water through the unit for 20 minutes to rinse the salt out of it and I was concerned about wasting water, but again I was very pleased to see that do to the units design it uses very little water to regenerate.” — Michael
“Plastic valve leaks, and leaks. I returned it as I need it to not leak being it’s to be installed in the RV” — Jaubry