Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water Filtration System

Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water Filtration System is a whole-home system that is NSF certified to reduce water contaminants such as chlorine, sediment, and others.
Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water Filtration System
Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water Filtration System automatically cleans up its filter every 14 days. People are satisfied with this water filtration system, say that it is easy to install, and many of them have been using it for many years. Many of the satisfied customers purchased it for the second time as a replacement for the old unit. All of them like the self-cleaning feature.


Whirlpool WHELJ1 Central Water Filtration System features and important details.

  • Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water Filtration System has a self-cleaning filter that cleans automatically every 14 days.
  • Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water Filtration System is NSF certified.
  • Whirlpool WHELJ1 Water Filtration System removes chlorine, sediment, and other contaminants.

Insightful Reviews

We've curated some of the most helpful comments and reviews from people all over the world. Read what they had to say:

“This Whirlpool WHELJ1 Central Water Filtration System is very effective and reliable. If you are handy, you can install it yourself but if not, then get a professional to install it for you. It comes with excellent, clear instructions, a bypass valve connection, and requires a drain for its periodic self-cleaning feature. By default, it will flush out any sediment and other buildup every two weeks at 1AM. You can change the time and frequency of the cleaning cycle. Because it is self-cleaning, it is maintenance free. It is designed to last about 10 years for whole home central water filtering. Take the cost of this over ten years, and add to that the fact that there are no filters to buy or change over the life of the product, and you find that this is a reasonably priced solution. I highly recommend this product and will buy a new one the next time we have to move. It's that good!” — David
“Great way of filtering the whole house water even the toilets. It cleans itself every night at 3 am and it is ready to continue filtering over and over for 20 years. It requires a good plumber to put it together following the included instructions” — Tim
“We have well water with a whole house water softener followed by this Whirlpool filter. This is our second unit - the first lasted approximately 8 years. It was easy to determine when a replacement Whirlpool unit was needed - the water discolored, the taste became less flavorful, and a sulfur smell developed. Once our second unit was installed, we had immediate positive results with better color, flavor, and no smell. We expect this unit to last another 8, maybe 9 years. We are pleased that this filter works so well.” — Karen