Drink Smart: Best Smart Water Bottle of 2020

We have found the top selling digital bottles of 2020! Which is the BEST smart water bottle? Find out now!

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You've got your smartphone, your smart TV, your smartwatch, your smart water bottle, your sma...

Wait, what? A smart water bottle?

Yep, there are smart water bottles now. We know what you're thinking. How can a water bottle be smart?

Well, the same way that a watch, phone, and TV can be smart. In this post, we're going to break down how smart water bottles are revolutionizing how we hydrate and which ones are the best on the market. Then, we'll choose the one smart water bottle to rule them all.

These things we built with several purposes in mind. Some are geared more towards the medical side of things and many are meant to work in conjunction with our other devices to promote a healthier lifestyle. Let's not waste any more time, here are the best smart water bottles money can buy.

What Does a Smart Water Bottle Do?

You might think smart water bottles are going a little bit overboard, but they serve a crucial purpose. So many of us lack the hydration that we require to live full and healthy lives. Smart water bottles can provide us with the motivation that we need to stay hydrated when we're working out, but also in everyday life.

They're designed to remind you to hydrate even when you don't think you need it. Choosing the right smart water bottle comes down to what works for your lifestyle. Many of them will include the latest technology which will tell you how much water you've had in a day and how much more you need to drink to reach your goal.

It'll notify you to drink more when a certain amount of time goes by. It does this by buzzing or lighting up like your phone does. They can also adjust how much you need to drink per day based on climate, activity levels, gender, height, and weight. They truly are very smart.

So, just like there are better smartwatches and smartphones, there are also better smart water bottles. Let's talk about which one you should get.

The Best Smart Water Bottles

Smart water bottles come in all different shapes and sizes...and prices. If you're looking for something with all the bells and whistles, then you're going to pay for it. But, if you want something simple that can give you a little push towards hydrating more, then you can expect to pay a bit less.

Here, we've compiled all of our favorite smart water bottles from different price ranges to give you an idea of what you should look for.

Hidrate Spark 2.0 Tracker

The Hidrate Spark 1.0 was manufactured on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw the company create one of the first smart water bottles. Unfortunately, though well-conceived, there were some issues when it came to syncing with the app.

The Spark 2.0 solved the syncing issues and came back with even better body design, which makes it one of the top bottles out there. However, if you're planning on taking this on runs, you're going to be disappointed.

To get the best use out of the Spark, you've got to put the bottle down after each use so that it can accurately calculate how much water you consumed. Because of this, it's better suited for people at work or at the gym.

As far as the interface and compatibility with smartphones are concerned, however, the Spark is nearly flawless. The app collects simple, but important information from you and then you sync it with the bottle by placing your smartphone next to the bottle. That's it, you'll be on your way to hydration paradise in no time.

Ozmo Active Smart Bottle

The Ozmo is a less attractive smart water bottle than the Spark, but in some ways, it's far more practical. They've gone with a heavy-duty plastic that is nearly unbreakable and there's a convenient handle that you can hold it with during your runs. They've also got an insulated bottle that tracks your coffee intake!

On the side of the Ozmo, you'll see three LED lights. These, along with the vibrating buzzer, are all that you'll need to pay attention to. They tell you if the lid is closed or not, how much water you've had, and if you've neglected your Ozmo for too long.

One light means that you've reached 20% of your goal, two lights means 50%, and all three lights mean that you've reached your goal. It'll let you know that your lid is closed with one buzz, let you know that it's not properly closed with three, and six buzzes will let you know that you haven't had any water in an hour.

The LED and buzzer system will work on its own, but the full user experience will come with integrating the bottle with the Ozmo app on your mobile device. Similarly to the Spark, you'll enter your age, weight, height, and gender, and the app will help the Ozmo determine what your daily hydration goal should be.

H2OPal Smart Bottle Hydration Tracker

Unlike the Spark and the Ozmo, the H2OPal comes in two parts. Rather than incorporate the electronic side of things into the bottle, they've separated it.

You've got a high-quality transparent glass bottle with sporty grips that will rival both of the bottles that we've talked about here, and you've got a separate part that houses all of the electronics. They've done this so that you can purchase the electronics part separately and attach it to your other water bottles.

This is a great feature if you've already got a water bottle that you love taking on runs or to the gym (the glass H2OPal bottle does feel a bit breakable). The app is compatible with iOS, Fitbit, the Apple watch and the Apple Health app.

When you install the app, you'll be prompted to give your name, gender, height, weight, and birthday. Then, the H2OPal app will ask you how active you are (there are four options ranging from "Not very active" to "Very active").

Additional features with this app include location data, which will look at weather reports and adjust your goal. It can also look at health and motion data.

Like the Spark, however, you do have to put the bottle down after every drink to get an accurate reading on how much you consume. Great for the gym and the office, not so great for runs.

Which Is the Best?

So, which is the best smart water bottle in the smart water bottle game? We've given you three great examples of water bottles that have broken the mold and offered something unique from their competitors.

If you want a sturdy, attractive water bottle that uses the latest technology to communicate with your other gadgets, then go with the Spark. If you're looking for something simpler that you can take on long runs, go with the Ozmo. And, if you've already got a water bottle that you love, get the H2OPal attachment and turn it into a smart water bottle.

The point is, there is no best water bottle, there's only what you prefer. Try one of these great products out today and you won't be disappointed.

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