Tired of Boring, Old Water? Try these Delicious Water Infusion Drinks

You know you need to drink more water, but sometimes it's bland and boring. These infusion drinks can bring it back to life.

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Infusion Water Infusion Water

Everyone knows that drinking water every single day is very important for staying hydrated (of course), helping clear toxins from your body, giving you healthy skin, and much more.

Some people enjoy drinking lots of water every day, but for others, drinking water isn't as pleasant because it tastes so bland — or doesn't taste like anything at all.

So, how can you add delicious flavor to your water without tossing in loads of sugar or resorting to sugar-laden sodas and juices? The answer is water infusion.

Where to Begin?

The first step to becoming a water-infusion expert is to begin with pure, high-quality water. To ensure this happens on a consistent basis, consider installing a water filtration system right in your home.

The next step is to choose your method of infusion. One way is to start with a big pitcher of room-temperature water, toss in all of your ingredients, and let them soak for a few hours before placing the pitcher in the fridge to get cold.

Another option is to purchase a water bottle with a built-in mechanism that infuses the water for you. These bottles are great if you're looking for a water-infusion drink to take with you on the go.

You can also just put the ingredients directly into your favorite non-infusion water bottle if you're not looking to buy a new one.

Now, let's look at several recipes that'll jolt your water with taste and help you drink more every day.

Infusion Water Recipes

Raspberry Detox Water

If you're looking for a great way to detox, then adding delicious fruits into your water can truly help. This first recipe calls for two cups of raspberries, one lemon, and a handful of mint.

Start with about a gallon of water and add the raspberries. Cut the lemon into 1/2-inch slices but make sure not to lose too much of the lemon juice. Then toss in the lemon and mint.

Let your infused water sit for anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours before you drink. The longer you let the ingredients soak, the more flavor you'll be able to taste.

Pro tip: Slice lemons, limes, and oranges into circle shapes rather than wedges for quicker infusion and a more aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Rainbow Infused Water

This rainbow infusion drink is filled with beautiful colors and will be a hit at your next big event.

Start by slicing up a lemon, an orange, one large cucumber, and six large strawberries. Add these to your large pitcher of water, followed by a handful of mint. To give it a bit more color and flavor, add half a cup of blueberries. This water infusion recipe looks beautiful and tastes yummy!

Strawberries and More Strawberries!

One of the easiest ways to infuse your water is to add lots of sliced strawberries. But if you want take your drink to new heights, there are many different types of fruits, veggies, and herbs that you can pair with them. First, try pairing strawberries with a tangerine

Another delicious recipe to try is a strawberry, lime, and cucumber-infused water. If you're making this in a large pitcher, add about three slices of lime, six cucumber slices, and three sliced strawberries and let it sit for about 30 minutes. You could even add a few fresh basil leaves for an added kick.

If you're looking to recreate a delicious mojito in your water, then all you need is some strawberries, lime, and a handful of mint. A great way to make sure that your water is chilled when you're ready to drink it is by freezing your strawberries.

Fruit Cooler Infused Water

This fruit cooler-infused water recipe starts with a big pitcher of filtered water, one sliced, peach, and one sliced plum. Add to these a handful of mint. This is a delicious flavor combination that will tickle your taste buds as well as cool them down.

Quicker Infused Water

Some of the recipes that we mentioned above require you to wait a bit so your water can take on the flavors of the fruits, veggies, and herbs. If you want your infused water almost immediately, try adding cucumbers, citrus fruits, melons, and mint to your water.

Whenever you're halfway done drinking your water, refill it to the top. It won't be as flavorful as your first sip, but it's a great way to get more flavor out of your original ingredients.

Relaxing Spa Water

Another great perk of drinking infused water is that it can help give you the calm feeling of relaxing at a spa. This recipe calls for a sliced cucumber, sliced lemon, fresh mint, and fresh rosemary. The rosemary will take a bit longer to infuse, so let this concoction sit for quite a while.

This recipe will truly make you feel like you're spending a relaxing day at the spa. Make this water in advance for a self-care day when you're really looking to treat yourself.

Another pro tip: If you don't drink your infused water within 24 hours, then you can strain out the ingredients and put the water in the refrigerator. It should still taste delicious for the next three days.

Citrus Blackberry Infused Water

If you're looking to step outside of your comfort zone, consider adding blackberries. This recipe calls for slicing up an orange and a lemon, adding them to a large pitcher of water, throwing in about a cup of blackberries, and finishing with some ice to your water for a delicious water-infused beverage. This water will taste great and look beautiful too!

Delicious Water Infusion Drinks

Once you've found your favorite recipe, feel free to try new flavor combinations and create your very own delicious water-infusion concoctions.

Make sure to look for information on the water you drink, so you can ensure you're starting with the highest-quality water.

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