We Heard It at the Water Cooler! 11 Excellent Water Dispensers for 2022

Do you need a new water cooler for office mingling or home use? Here are 11 of the best water dispensers for 2020.

Excellent Water Coolers Excellent Water Coolers

Many people think of a water cooler as an office item, used not only to hydrate thirsty employees, but also as a gathering place for on-break conversation and office gossip.

A water cooler, however, can also be a terrific option for your home, delivering refreshing, cold water during the summer (or whenever you need it) and piping hot water during the winter (or whenever you need it).

Finding the right water dispenser for your needs may be challenging due to the huge variety available in the market. We hope the following info about 11 top water coolers for 2019 helps.

Types of Water Coolers

Before you purchase a water cooler, it's important to know the different types.

1. Top-Load Dispenser

The top-load water dispenser requires you to put the water bottle from the top in an upside-down position and allows you to keep a close watch on how much water is left because you don't hide the bottle in the bottom compartment. It's normally budget-friendly and easy to operate.

2. Counter-top Dispensers

Counter-top dispensers work well when you don't have too much space. They’re compact and can fit on any counter-top.

3. Bottom-Loading Dispenser

Bottom-loading dispensers are excellent for anyone who has a back problem because you don't have to lift anything heavy. You also get to keep the bottle hidden in the bottom cabinet.

4. Bottle-less dispensers

As the name suggests, these dispensers connect directly to your water supply, eliminating the need to continually buy water jugs.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Water Dispenser

There are several factors we recommend you consider before buying a water cooler:

  • Safety locks to guarantee protection against hot water spillage
    • The taste that could result from plastic containers
    • Self-cleaning capability for easy maintenance
    Water filtration methods
    • Water temperature variations
    • The rate of the water flow. (Busy environments like an office need one with a high-flow rate for convenience.)
    • Noise levels (some can be especially noisy)
    • Energy efficiency
    • Size of the unit
    • Capacity
    • Ease of use

Water Cooler Reviews

With the above factors in mind, let's dive into our review of 11 of the best water dispensers in 2019.

Oasis Premium Water Dispenser

The Oasis premium water dispenser is a bottom-loading cooler that uses five-gallon water bottles, but they don't come as part of the unit. One particularly impressive feature is its ability to convert into a bottle-less dispenser that links directly to your water supply.

Don’t worry about maintenance because it’s self-cleaning, eliminating bacteria through the use of ozone each day. One drawback is that it gets a bit noisy, especially when you use it for hot water.

Coastway Two-In-One Water Dispenser

Coastway 2-in-1 is a multifunctional top-load dispenser because you can use it as a normal water cooler dispenser or an ice-maker. It's convenient to use with an easy-to-understand control panel and also features a handy LED indicator.

The ice-making function is quite impressive because you can get nine bullet ice cubes in approximately 7 minutes. It’s aesthetically pleasing, so you don't have to hide it away in some dark corner. Some of the components, like the trip receptacle, are anti-rust and very easy to clean. It has a child lock, which makes it safe for homes with little children.

It can be a bit noisy, and the ground level height also requires some bending, which may not work for some people.

Primo White Two-Spout Water Dispenser

The Primo white bottom-load cooler gives you both hot and cold water with the simple push of a button. The hot water button has child safety features, so you don't have to worry about hot water spilling on your little ones.

It’s easy to load, and the bottle stays within a compartment. The stainless steel material of the water reservoirs makes it very sturdy, and the drip receptacle is dishwasher-safe. One potential negative is the exposed water jug.

Avalon Top-Loading Dispenser

The Avalon top-loading dispenser has a child safety lock, making it suitable for any home. It looks great in any setting, is energy-efficient, and can handle three- or five-gallon water jugs. The hot water heats up to 167° F, meaning you can enjoy a hot cup of tea with a simple push of a button

The main disadvantage of this water dispenser is the top-loading aspect. It can be difficult to lift a large water bottle onto the dispenser.

Clover B14A

The Clover B14A hot and cold bottled water dispenser is great for the workplace. It’s a sturdy, hygienic dispenser that delivers contaminant-free water with stainless-steel tanks and an adjustable thermostat that works for cold water between 35° to 53° F. The hot-water temperature reaches 185° F.

This dispenser is energy-efficient and adheres to GPA energy saving tips. You can also switch off the hot-water dispenser to save on energy bills. The child lock feature is also reassuring for anyone with young kids.

Its main detriment is the top-loading aspect and the exposed water jug.

Glacial Maximum Water Dispenser

The Glacial Maximum has many attractive features, including its self-cleaning function and ability to give 1.6 gallons of chilled water every hour. Your water will come out contaminant-free due to the use of unstable oxygen that kills bacteria and viruses.

This dispenser has a nice look that's suitable for the home or office. Some of its components are stainless steel, the front and sides are nickel-plated, and the exterior is chrome.

It has glacial geo-technology that keeps water just above the freezing mark. It also has hot boost technology that ensures you get up to 1.4 gallons of scalding hot water.

Some people say that it can get a bit loud, which may be the one disadvantage we can attribute to this dispenser.

Primo Stainless Steel One-Spout Dispenser

The Primo stainless steel is a bottom-load dispenser that offers hot and cold water at the push of a button. It has a stylish design that looks great anywhere. The receptacle is removable and dishwasher-safe, and there's also a child safety feature on the hot water pot.

It has an energy star rating, making it very energy-efficient. It’s a top contender for one of the best water dispensers available.

InSinkErator H-Waves-Ss Involve Wave

The InSinkErator hot water dispenser has a 2/3 container for hot water and an adjustable thermostat that allows you to set the water between 160°F to 210°F. It has a sturdy design and is very durable. The automatic shut-off is an additional safety function that many find appealing.

NutriChef Water Dispenser

The NutriChef counter-top water dispenser is compact and uses three- and five-gallon jugs. Don’t worry about the taste because there's no hint of plastic on the machine. The hot water tap has a child safety lock. Some users say the cold water doesn't get as cold as it should.

Giantex Electric Primo

The Giantex Electric Primo is the best water cooler for the budget-conscious. It has an unobtrusive design, making it great for home or office is. You get a cupboard for the disposable plastic cups, and it's a very quiet machine.

It has a child safety feature on the hot water tap and a clear LED display. Two drawbacks are the possibility that the tubes may leak and the fact that the water doesn't get very cold. Fitting a glass under the spouts may also be a bit difficult.

Primo Porcelain Water Dispenser

If you're looking for a non-electric water dispenser, this is the one for you. It provides only room-temperature water, but it's extremely portable. You can use three- and five-gallon water jugs on it, and the dispenser is easy to clean even in the dishwasher. You also get a wooden stand, which is a great feature.

You may experience some leakage from the spot where the bottle goes into the dispenser.

Good Luck Finding Your Water Cooler!

We hope you find this article helpful in selecting the right water cooler for your home or office.

Also, we encourage you to browse the other articles on our site for more information on safe drinking water for you and your loved ones.

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