Nine Benefits of Whole-Home Water Filtration Systems That You Should Know

Whole-home water filtration systems filter the water running through your entire house. Explore the many benefits and advantages of such systems.

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09.2019 in Water Filters
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Do you know how much water you use per day? It might come as a shock, but we each use between 80-100 gallons of water per day in different ways.

When you start to think about the many ways you use water in your home each day — watering the lawn and garden, bathing, cooking, etc. — it makes sense. Drinking is just a small fraction of the total.

Because the quality of our water has a huge impact on our health, home water filtration systems are becoming more popular with homeowners as they learn the benefits.

Keep reading to learn nine key reasons for making the change to a home water filtration system.

Benefits of Home Water Filtration Systems

1. Clothes Will Look Brand New for Longer

We all know that older clothes start to fade and look worn out after going through the laundry cycle time and time again. A surprising benefit of softening your water supply is that your clothes could actually stay looking new for longer.

Your clothes and washing machine are exposed to whatever particulates are floating in your hard water, which affects your machine and leaves residue on your clothes. So you can rest easy knowing your new water system will help keep your laundry fresher.

2. Appliances Will Work Better for Longer

Filtered water reduces corrosion and improves pH levels in your pipes, fixtures, and appliances, which means fewer rust stains in sinks, tubs, dishwashers, and toilets. What's more, it actually extends the life of household fixtures and appliances.

One study claimed that home water filtration systems increase the longevity of your appliances and toilet for up to 4.5 years. While you may not see results like that, purer water could help your appliances work more efficiently.

3. Your Skin and Hair Will Thank You

Unfiltered water can contain chemicals and heavy metals like chlorine, aluminum, and mercury, all of which have been proven to dry your skin and break down collagen. These can also strip oils from your hair, drying and dulling it. Cleaner water means healthier skin and hair.

Contaminants can also aggravate many skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. This is especially true in children. A new water system might calm down skin flareups in your family.

4. Your Water Could Taste Better

Too many of the wrong kinds of contaminants in your water can make it taste funny. For example, high amounts of sulfur or chemicals that contain sulfur can cause your water to taste like rotten eggs.

This problem can be easily fixed by a home filtration system, but be aware that some minerals found in water are beneficial to human health, and removing too many of them can make water taste bland.

5. Cut Your Plastic Use Drastically

It's common for families with hard water in their homes to buy bottled water for daily use. If a family of four goes through, say, 1,000 bottles per year, the financial and environmental costs quickly add up.

If those 1,000 plastic bottles don't get recycled, they're going into landfills where they'll take around 450 years each to disintegrate. If you switch to a water filtration system, then you can have steady, unlimited access to clean and healthy water and be kinder to the planet.

6. Your Glasses and Dishes Will Shine Brighter

As we touched on earlier, when you use unfiltered water, the contaminants in the water create residue on anything that comes in contact with your water on a regular basis.

By installing your very own home water filtration system, your plates, cutlery, and glassware should come out of the dishwasher cleaner and brighter. Say goodbye to smudged cutlery and murky glassware.

7. You're Protected Against Disaster

How many times have you checked your news feed and read about a disaster happening somewhere around the world? What if something similar happens in your area?

Depending on the type of disaster, a home water filtration system could protect you and your family in case the general water supply in your city or metro area becomes contaminated.

It's never going to be possible for us to foresee or completely prevent water-contamination disasters. By preparing for the worst, you can help ensure that your family always has access to clean, safe water.

8. You'll Use Fewer Resources and Possibly Spend Less Money

With an in-home filtration system, you'll definitely use fewer resources, and you may actually find yourself saving money in a number of ways.

Obviously, there is the upfront cost of installing the new system. Then you pay a nominal fee each year to replace the filter.

However, after installation, there are a few ways in which you'll see savings start to add up. Can you guess them from our previous benefits? You will:

  • Stop buying hundreds of disposable plastic bottles each year.
  • Use less soap when washing your dishes and clothes.
  • Not need to replace your appliances as quickly.
  • Use less (and less-expensive) shampoo and moisturizers.
  • Not need to reboot your wardrobe reboot as often.

9. Avoid Illness

Depending on your water source, you could be exposing yourself to potentially harmful bacteria, heavy metals, and other particulates when drinking unfiltered water.

If you use well water, for example, you might be surprised to know that it isn't required to go through any treatment process at all. This is because well water isn't covered under the Safe Water Drinking Act, so it's not regulated by the EPA.

But regardless of whether your home draws its water from a treatment plant or from a well, a home filtration system still provides an extra layer of protection.

Something to Consider

Were you surprised by any of the benefits we discussed today? We hope our article showed you that a home water filtration system is well worth your consideration and could help you solve a whole heap of health, cleaning, and maintenance issues.

To learn more, read about the best whole house water filters.

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