Seven Incredible Inline Water Filters for 2020

Discover seven of the top inline filters on the market in 2020. Which is right for your home?

Inline Water Filters Inline Water Filters

Wouldn't you have peace of mind knowing that you and your family have safe, ultra-clean drinking water at all times? It's cringe-worthy even to think about the possibility, no matter how remote, of consuming tainted water as a result of farming pollution, industrial dumping, or lead-pipe deterioration.

So what's the ultimate solution to this?

An inline water filter is one. Inline filters are attached directly to the water pipe, usually under the sink, and they filter the water right before it reaches the tap.

Why Choose Inline Water Filters?

Some of the most significant reasons why inline filters are so popular are their compact and discreet design and high efficiency at eliminating contaminants and removing foul tastes and odors. They're also readily available, long-lasting, and space-saving.

Once you hit the inline water filtration market, you'll realize that it's flooded with more choices than you would have thought. Plus, all that jargon about particulates, microns, and what-nots could be confusing, but worry not because we've got you covered!

We've examined seven different inline filters. Whether you need one for your refrigerator, coffee maker, kitchen faucet, or ice maker, we'll point you towards the right inline water purifier.

Incredible Inline Water Filters for 2020:

GE SmartWater Inline Filter

This GE model is one of the best inline refrigerator water filter systems on the market and comes with all of the necessary accessories required to set it up. The design may look compact, but it's highly functional, discreet, and easy to install.

This filter is so lightweight that it weighs just 14 ounces, and it's incredibly durable too. Its filters last six months and purify as much as 750 gallons of water, after which they can be easily replaced. It's not only designed to improve the taste of your water and remove any odor, but it's quite affordably priced too.

Nahla Pure Direct Connect Water Filter

Nahla is one of the most reputed water-filter brands out there. This Nahla Pure Direct water filter is a high-performance filter that features an ultra-high capacity of up to 10,000 gallons and a maximum life expectancy of 3 years. This capacity is almost three times that of standard water-filtration systems.

The company assures 99.99% chlorine removal using their specialized filtration system, and the best part is that it leaves in the fluoride considered helpful for dental health. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee, the kind of offer that assures you of the high quality of its products.

You'll connect the filter directly to your cold water line ⅜ inch below the sink, saving you space and staying out of sight.

Filtrete Advanced Water Filter

One of the most advanced water-purifying systems on the market, this NSF-certified Filtrete model comes with a kit that includes all of the required accessories for extremely easy installation and maintenance. You can connect it to your kitchen sink or bathroom faucet.

This system is highly effective in terms of reducing micro cysts, eliminating the taste of chlorine in the water, and getting rid of unpleasant odors. If your water has sediments, then it'll remove them or reduce them significantly.

One of the unique things about this filter is that it maintains full water flow and comes with easy push-fit connections. The filter capacity is 2,000 gallons, and the filters offer a lifespan of up to six months. The filters are interchangeable, from standard to maximum, and advanced.

Watts Inline Water Filter

If you're looking for a high-capacity water filter, then Watts offers a whopping 20,000-gallon capacity.

WQA has certified the filter, and it's been tested for taste and odor reduction. Beyond that, it's designed to reduce scale build-up, which makes it an excellent choice if you're dealing with hard water. The construction quality is excellent, its versatility is incredible, and it uses kinetic degradation fluxion.

This model features a unique filtration system that offers bacteriostatic features to help eliminate microorganisms from your water and guarantee a long filtration life.

With this filter, you'll get quick-connection adapters that you can easily add to your current water plumbing. It's most ideal for refrigerators and ice makers, and you can use it in your home, RV, boat, and more.

DuPont Universal Water Filter

If you'd like to have a system that filters water for your whole house, DuPont has you covered with its universal water filter. It's designed with the technology that reduces sediments and increases the water supply in your home.

One of the most significant advantages of this model is the fact that all the appliances in your home that process water with it should have a longer lifespan.

The high capacity of 15,000 gallons is a also major plus, and the universal 500-series poly block cartridge makes the replacement process so much easier. It comes with a ¾-inch inlet and outlet and is designed to improve the taste and odor of your water.

Pure Water Filter for Ice Maker

If your primary concern is your ice maker, this economical Pure Water inline water filter ensures that you get clean and healthy ice that's free of any impurities. Highly effective and quite efficient as well, it's an economical piece that's easy to install, easy to clean, and equally easy to maintain. It comes with a quick-connect fitting and is compact enough to fit anywhere you like.

The best part is that it's quite versatile, so you can also use it for your water fountain and other beverage equipment. It's been tested and certified by NSF and ANSI for taste enhancement, chlorine reduction, and odor reduction, among other factors.

Culligan Inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Water Filter

This Culligan system is designed to be a top inline refrigerator water filter that provides crystal clear and odorless water free from class-3 microparticles. ANSI and NSF certify it for the removal of chlorine odor and taste, so you can be assured that it's a product you can trust.

The cartridge is designed to filter up to 3,000 gallons, which will last you about one year. Better yet, the company offers cartridges of different capacities and quality requirements so you can easily get replacements separately.

Inline Water Filter Buying Guide: What Do You Look For?

There are many varieties of inline water filters, and trying to sift through them all to come up with the best model for you may be a little frustrating. Considering different factors and your family's needs will certainly help you narrow down your options and make it easier to come to an informed decision.

Here are some factors to take into account:

  • Daily filtration rate
  • Filter replacement period
  • Effectiveness in eradicating contaminants
  • Type of filtration method (activated carbon, reverse osmosis, etc.)
  • Your budget
  • Number and types of appliances (faucet, fridge, ice maker, etc.) requiring a filter

Final Verdict

Overall, there are many great benefits you'll reap from inline water filters, and buying one could be one of the most important actions you take in your home. Access to healthy, tasty, and safe drinking water is highly essential and something that no one should take for granted.

We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision. If you have questions, feel free to contact us or learn more about water filters in general.

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