Seven Top Water Distillers: Which is Right For Your Home?

Are you curious how a water distiller works? Are you looking to buy one for your home? This guide looks at seven great options and their features.

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Seven Top Water Distillers Seven Top Water Distillers

Are you one of the many Americans concerned about what goes into your body? Do you spend time reading the ingredient list on your food? Or your skincare products?

What about your tap water?

Unfortunately, the water coming out of your kitchen sink doesn't come with an ingredient list. If it did, it could potentially include arsenic, lead, viruses, or other contaminants.

While most water systems in the US provide water that's generally safe to drink, you may want to consider investing in water distillers for your home.

There are a lot of options out there to choose from, which can get overwhelming. So, to save you the trouble, we've done some research and compiled a list of some of the best water distillers on the market today.

Why You Need a Water Distiller in Your Home

The process of water distillation is as close to mother nature's filtration system as you can get.

Mother nature's way: The sun evaporates water from oceans, lakes, and rivers; the water vapor distills into clouds; the clouds produce rain. Pure and simple.

Water distillers work in a similar fashion. The distilling process involves boiling the water, thus converting it to steam. The steam is then condensed and cooled, converting it into a liquid state once again. Anything that cannot convert into these states — microorganisms, inorganic minerals, and contaminants — gets left behind.

In other words, lead, arsenic, viruses, bacterias, and most chemicals are boiled off or trapped within a filter, leaving you with pure, clean, and safe drinking water.

Seven Great Water Distillers for Your Home

It's time to filter your water the right way. Based on a number of water-distiller reviews involving ease of use, maintenance, quality of materials and construction, function and efficiency, we've compiled a list (in no particular order) of some of the best water distillers on the market today.

H20 Most Convenient Water Distiller

In terms of budget, setup, and functionality, this model is a terrific value. It takes up very little space on your countertop and also has a nice, modern design—you won't even mind it being there. It even includes a carbon filter pod.

Its setup process is pretty straight-forward, and once that's done, all you have to do is turn it on and wait. It's that simple. It's also quite efficient, letting you distill up nearly five gallons of water each day (about five hours per one gallon of water).

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT Countertop Distiller

This model is one of the most popular on the market today. It's compact, offers stellar performance, and comes with a one-gallon glass pot that collects the distilled water. There's also a carbon filter to improve water taste and to keep gaseous carryover at bay.

The Mini-Classic CT is constructed mainly of stainless steel, which makes for minimal maintenance and a more sturdy design. It's also equipped with an impressive self-sterilization operation, so that you have do less cleaning.

Waterwise 7000 12-Gallon Commercial Water Distiller

This model is a top-performance commercial water distiller, able to deliver up to 12 gallons of distilled water through a seven-step purification process. And, it's one of the largest distillers on the market. (It's great if you have a large family or run a small restaurant or business).

The manufacturer of this model also took care to make sure that no water comes in contact with plastic during the distillation process by constructing it entirely of stainless steel. It may be a bit pricey, but it's definitely durable.

Due to its size, it's a floor-standing model. It will fit nicely into any corner, and it's portable since it comes on a rolling stand. There's also an automatic shut-off feature that keeps the appliance from overheating when the reservoir is empty.

Waterwise 8800 Water Distiller Purifier

This model is great if you live alone or have a small family. Its overall performance is very efficient, yielding about one gallon of water in four hours.

The Waterwise 8800 comes with an active carbon filter, which is important for removing dissolved particles. Compared to other water distillers on the market, this little machine is one of the best at eliminating all contaminants.

The construction of this model is extremely durable and can last longer than others. It's also very easy to use and fits right on your countertop.

MegaHome Countertop Water Distiller Stainless Glass Collection

One of the safest models out there, the MegaHome Countertop distiller is actually UL approved and listed. UL is a trusted independent and global safety science company that conducts a number of tests on products to determine their safety.

This model is a top performer, distilling one gallon of water in about five-and-a-half hours, enough to supply a small family. Known for delivering some of the purest water, this model is constructed with a stainless-steel interior and exterior, making it extremely durable. At no point does filtered water come in contact with the distilled water, thanks to this design.

There's also a glass insert, keeping your water free from contact with any plastic parts. There's no installation required for this model, and it's quite compact for countertop living.

Mini-Classic CT Stainless-Steel Steam Distiller

This model makes for a great investment as it comes with a copper-finned condenser tube and stainless steel construction. Not only does this extend the life of the machine, but it allows for a stable water quality that doesn't waiver over time.

Performance-wise, this Mini-Classic CT offers automatic switches that make life easier for users. It's also equipped with safety cut-off switches to keep it from overheating, as well as a thick power cable and plug still.

Many also find it very easy to clean and maintain, which is important for a well-working distiller. It has also been noted for its quiet operation, which means you can have it working all night. Plus, it's very durable and fairly compact, allowing for better portability.

H20 Labs Best-in-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller with Glass Carafe

There's no doubt that you'll love this model. For its budget price, it offers some of the best functionality of all water distillers out there. It even comes with carbon-filter pods that last twice as long as the others (due to having three times more filtration media).

It's constructed of food-grade-safe stainless steel with a condenser that keeps the plastic and water completely separate. It's compact, countertop-friendly, easy to clean, and energy-efficient. Taking only four-and-a-half hours to distill one gallon of water, this little water distiller packs a punch. Plus, it shuts off automatically once the water is finished distilling.

How Do I Make the Right Choice?

Deciding between the different water distillers can take time. It all comes down to how much water you and your family need on a daily basis, the distiller's materials and construction, installation process, electricity consumption, price, and presence of a carbon filter.

We're here to help you drink well and live healthy. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about safe drinking water.

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