12 Compelling Reasons to Use A Reusable Water Bottle

There are so many benefits that come with using a reusable water bottle daily, and here are 12 compelling reasons to join the wave.

Reusable Water Bottle Reusable Water Bottle

Every minute, people buy one million disposable plastic bottles globally. Picture a mountain of one million bottles and imagine how much raw material was required to make them all. Then imagine how much space they'll take up after they're thrown away. Then wait another 60 seconds and picture another one million bottles. You get the idea.

Environmental concerns top the list of benefits of reusable water bottles, from conserving materials to protecting wildlife. Protecting the earth is something that impacts humans, animals, and plant life, so doing our part extends beyond our local circle.

But a reusable water bottle can help on a more personal level too. It's a money saver, and it can stop some potentially harmful and gross contaminants from entering your body.

Check out these benefits of reusable water bottle before you reach for disposable bottled water again.

1. Reduce Waste

Plastic takes over 400 years to degrade, and 91% of all plastic products don't get recycled. That leaves a lot of plastic that ends up in landfills and natural spaces such as rivers, oceans, grasslands, wetlands, and more.

Of all plastic packaging produced every year, 32% of it ends up in our oceans damaging marine animals and their habitats.

Producing plastic also affects the environment. It takes about 17 million barrels of oil to make enough bottles to meet US bottled water demands each year.

Using oil and manufacturing plastic creates carbon emissions. By skipping the disposable water bottles, you can reduce your personal carbon footprint. If you convince your family and friends to switch to a reusable bottle, you can help reduce carbon emissions even further.

2. Stop Questionable Chemicals from Entering Your Body

Plastic contains a range of potentially harmful chemicals. Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a common chemical used in disposable plastic water bottles that can leach into the water as it sits inside the bottle. When you think you're hydrating your body with healthy water, you could actually be drinking down those chemicals.

Reusable bottles, on the other hand, are available in far safer materials, including glass and metal.

3. Control What's In Your Water

Do you know where your bottled water really comes from? The label may say it's spring water, but can you be sure?

One report shows that 64% of bottled water is actually just tap water. That means you're potentially paying a lot more for something you can get at home.

Using reusable water bottles means you have full control over the water source. You can use your own tap water or filtered water from your own filtering system, such as a filter pitcher.

Many people prefer the taste of their own tap water over bottled water. If you've tried different brands of bottled water, you know the taste can vary significantly. Chemicals leaching from the plastic into the water can also make it taste a bit off.

4. Choose Special Features

Reusable water bottles offer a range of sizes, styles, and features to customize your drinking experience. Most have spouts or flip tops that make it easier to drink without dealing with a separate lid. Leak-proof bottles keep you dry when you're drinking on the go.

Other specific features can fit your lifestyle to make hydrating more convenient. An integrated clip lets you easily attach your water bottle to a backpack or belt while you're hiking or walking. An insulating sleeve keeps your water cooler for longer.

5. Flaunt Your Bottle

A disposable water bottle isn't much to look at or show off, but reusable bottles can be a fun accessory that gives others a glimpse of your personality and lifestyle. Plus, you're more likely to carry around your water bottle and drink from it if you like the look.

Many water bottles have decorative designs on them. You can choose one in your favorite color or with an inspirational quote or fun pattern that brightens your day a little.

6. Save Money

Water in disposable bottles can cost up to $8.29 per gallon, depending on the brand you buy, which can be as much as 1,000 times what tap water costs. 1,000 times! It doesn't seem like much when you buy one disposable bottle of water, but the costs add up quickly.

A reusable bottle is a bigger cost upfront, but it lasts indefinitely, so it's a better investment overall. Think of how many hundreds of disposable water bottles you're not buying over the life of a single reusable bottle.

7. Use It Longer

Reusable water bottles can last for years when you take care of them. The durability of the bottle makes it more appealing to use.

If you're an active person, having a ruggedly durable reusable water bottle is a better match for your lifestyle than a flimsy, crinkly disposable one. Many reusable bottles are designed to handle camping, hiking, travel, exercise, and sports.

8. Spread an Environmental Message

Is protecting the environment one of your priorities? Encourage others to join in by carrying your reusable bottle wherever you go.

You may just inspire someone to give up disposable bottled water just by showing off your reusable bottle. It's also a good reminder for those who already own reusable water bottles to use them on a regular basis.

9. Drink More Water

With disposable water bottles, you're limited to the number of you have on hand. Or you have to make a special trip to the store to buy more. Because of inconveniences like these, you'll likely end up drinking less overall.

Having your reusable bottle on hand makes it convenient to keep up with water intake. You can add more water anytime you're around a faucet, drinking fountain, or water cooler, and you're ready to hydrate. Keep extra reusable bottles on hand at home, work, or in your vehicle so you're always prepared.

If you're trying to drink a certain amount of water each day, a reusable water bottle can help you keep track. Most have the ounces marked from top to bottom, which gives you a quick visual of how much you've already consumed and how much more you need to drink to reach your water goals.

10. Refill Easily

Have you tried to refill a disposable water bottle? The small opening can easily turn the task into a mini geyser if you miss the hole. The flimsiness of the bottle adds to the difficulty and limits how many times you can actually refill the bottle.

Reusable bottles typically have large openings with enough room for ice. It's also easier to fill the bottle from sinks, water dispensers, or drinking fountains. That means you can use your bottle continuously throughout the day without reaching for a brand new disposable bottle every time you run out of water.

11. Use It for Other Items

A reusable water bottle isn't just good for water. Fill it up with other beverages to add some flavor to your day. It's a good way to transport your juice, smoothie, or other cold beverage to work or on errands.

If you choose a stainless steel water bottle, you can also use it for your hot beverages. Carry your own brewed coffee in your water bottle to skip that run to Starbucks and save money, then rinse it out at work and switch to water to stay hydrated.

12. It's Washable

It is possible to reuse a disposable water bottle, but think about all of the germs and gunk on it. Your mouth contains approximately 700 microbe species, including bacteria and fungus. When you drink, you might backwash into the bottle or get food particles on the outside.

When you refill that disposable bottle, all of those germs stay on the opening and inside the bottle, which means you drink those things again. Even if you try to wash it, you likely won't get all of the germs and remnants out of the ridges along the top edge or from the inside of the bottle.

Even fresh bottled water can have germs and other microbes from all of the handling before you get it. You have no control over who or what comes into contact with the bottles.

A reusable bottle is easier to wash and disinfect. Many can go in the dishwasher for high-temperature washing, or you can wash them thoroughly by hand, giving you the confidence that you've eliminated the germs and gunk.

It's also easier to share a reusable bottle because it's easier to clean. You can wash and sanitize the bottle to let another family member use it. Build up your collection of reusable water bottles, and everyone can take turns picking their favorite one without worrying about swapping germs.

Choose Your Reusable Water Bottle

Are you ready to dig out your reusable water bottle or buy a new one? It's a convenient way to stay hydrated, save money, and help the earth. You may even find yourself drinking more water, which can keep you healthier overall.

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