Seven of the Top Well-Water Filtration Systems on the Market

Whether you're just converting to a well or have used well water for years, here are seven excellent well-water filtration systems to keep your water delicious and drinkable!

Well-Water Filtration Systems Well-Water Filtration Systems

Wells are a great way to get your water and offer a host of benefits that traditional tap water doesn't. One downside, however, is the risk of contamination. It only takes one fault in your well's piping to introduce unwanted sediment and bacteria into the water source, putting your family's health at risk.

If you use well water, we highly recommend you install a well-water filtration system.

Here are seven excellent choices for Well-Water Filtration Systems on the market today:

Aquasana Triple-Stage Whole-House Filtration System

This is one of the most popular choices for a whole-house filtration system, and there are good reasons why. This system is built specifically with well water in mind, meaning it filters out all unwanted minerals, metals, and germs that your well water may become contaminated with. This filter leaves you with fresh-tasting water throughout your entire house, keeping you healthy and satisfied.

The Aquasana has three stages of filtration to give you the best quality water. These filters easily get rid of rust, metals, copper, and zinc, promising a 97% reduction of harmful chlorine and noticeably softer water.

There are different capacity tanks available (up to one million gallons) depending on your budget and needs, with some including a salt-free water conditioning system, UV purifier, and other upgrades specifically made for the needs of well water. This is one of the best choices you can make.

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Three-Stage Water Filter

The Home Master three-stage filter is another whole-house filter that easily removes 95% of all iron, pesticides, and other contaminants from your water. It gets rid of any eggy sulfur smell that might turn you away from water and leave you with a better-tasting product.

The first filter gets rid of all the bigger particulates, the second filter reduces metals and sulfur, and the third stage removes the rest of those chemicals that give your water any bad taste and smell. If you've got a big family, this filter will work to provide you with a lot of water with no loss of pressure and a filter that needs to be replaced very rarely.

iSpring WGB32BM 3-Stage Filtration System

The iSpring has a specially designed iron-reduction system, ensuring you aren't getting any dangerous metal runoff in your body. It's got three stages like the previous two filter systems, which remove the most common water contaminants like herbicides and pesticides, chlorine, sediment, and other nasty stuff. This filter won't interrupt your water flow or pressure, acting fast to filter out all the germs.

It removes 90% of chlorine from your water and utilizes a carbon block filter, one of the most effective forms of filtration. Its multi-layer sediment filter also ensures fewer clogs, meaning less maintenance on your end.

The iSpring has a 100,000-gallon capacity, meaning it can go a full year for your family without replacement.

Springwell Filtration System

The Springwell is another great choice for a whole-home well-water filtration system. It filters out practically all the junk and gives you salt-free water softening for hassle-free, tasty water. Plus, it's got an extra fourth stage of filtering that other competitors can't boast.

Stage one takes care of sand and other sediments, stage two eliminates chlorine and heavy metals, and stage three gets rid of pesticides, herbicides, and everything else not taken care of by the first two stages. The fourth stage works to eliminate channeling, an unwanted process in the filtration cycle.

The Springwell system ensures no drops in water pressure, easy installation, and affordable replacement filters.

iFilters MWH-D20-WELL Dual stage

The MWH-D20 is an affordable system that filters your water efficiently and simply. It eliminates unwanted heavy metals, disgusting odor, and bad taste, all for a low price. It boasts up to 99% chlorine reduction and low maintenance needs.

The MWH-D20 is made in California, so if you're an American who feels it's important to support an American brand, there's an added benefit. It's also easily installed and won't drop your pressure much. This may not be the best option if you've got a large family, but it's got you covered if you live alone or with a partner.

CuZn UC-200

This one's not a whole-house filter, but it's a reliable filter for well water. It installs under the counter of your water source and has a filter life of up to five years. The CuZn installs right to your cold water line and filters not only carbon, but mold, bacteria, metals, and more.

Unlike whole-house filters, the CuZn takes only minutes to install, with videos available online that guide you through the process. It uses a three-stage filtration process to make sure nothing gross gets through just like the whole-home filters do. On the negative side, it doesn't soften your water like some of the other options in this article.

You can also get a slightly more expensive version of this filter that focuses on reducing chlorine and chloramine even more efficiently.

Express Water Inc WH300SCKS Heavy Metal Filter

If your water has a metal issue, this is the filter for you. It focuses on ridding your water of heavy metal sediments, including chlorine, iron, lead, mercury, sand, and chromium to name a few. It offers whole-house filtration and filters that are extremely easy to replace, meaning you can do all the maintenance and replacement yourself.

This system offers the common three-stage filter process that the other systems have, with the first-stage filter being clear, allowing you to see exactly when you may need to change it. The filter is made to be durable and promises no drops in water pressure no matter what source of water you're using. Plus, you'll only have to change this filter once every six to twelve months, thanks to its 100,000-gallon capacity.

The first stage eliminates sediments like dirt and rust, the second stage takes out sulfur, lead, and unwanted metal, and the third stage implements an activated carbon block to remove chlorine, pesticides, and chemicals that affect the taste, smell, and general quality of your water.

Choosing the Best Well Water Filtration System

Now that you know about seven of the best well-water filtration options out there, it's time to find the right choice for your budget and needs. We encourage you to do more research on any of the above systems that caught your eye.

For more facts and tips on water and drinking healthily, check out the rest of our blog. And feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns. We'd be happy to hear them.

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