Houston has multiple water providers: City of Houston Water, Clear Lake Water Authority, Houston Water (Kingwood Utility District 5), Harris County MUD, Timber Lane Utility District, Harris County Fwsd 51, Clear Brook City Mud, Northwest Park Mud, Harris County Water, Harris County Mud 71, NW Harris County Mud 5, Harris County Mud 26, Harris Montgomery County Mud 386, Harris County Mud 167, Harris County Mud 200 - Cranbrook, Cnp Utility District, Harris County Mud 105, Remington Mud 1, Fort Bend Mud 30, Fort Bend MUD 23, City of Houston Water - Contact, Pay Bill, Start or Stop Service and more, Harris County MUD, Cimarron Mud, Harris County Improvement District, Harris County Mud 120, Harris County Mud 157, Harris County Mud 1, Harris County Mud 81, Mission Bend Mud 2, Harris County Mud 368, Harris County UD 6, Ponderosa Forest Utility District, Lantana Water - Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 7, Rayford Road Mud, Harris County Wcid 36, Spring Creek Utility District, Harris County Mud 49, Cypress Hill Mud 1, Fort Bend Mud 58, TOPS Water - Langham Creek Utility District, Newport Mud, Harris County Mud 285, Harris County MUD 102, Harris County Wcid 109, Memorial Villages Water Authority, Harris County Mud 82, Harris County Wcid 96, Fort Bend County Mud 142, Trail Of The Lakes Mud, Harris County Mud 109, Harris County Mud 188, Harris County Mud 154, Harris County Wcid 119, Harris County Wcid 110, Harris County Mud 132, Fort Bend Mud 151, Kingsbridge Mud, Sunbelt Fwsd - Fairgreen - High Meadows, North Mission Glen Mud, Harris County Mud 278, Harris County Mud 391, Chelford City Mud, Harris County Mud 150, Jackrabbit Road Pud, West Harris County Mud 11, Harris County Mud 290, Bissonnet Mud, Harris County Mud 153, TNG Utility - Meadowhill Regional Mud, Barker Cypress Mud, Harris Fort Bend Mud 3, Northwest Harris County Mud 9, First Colony Mud 9, North Park Public Utility District, Northwest Harris County Mud 10, Harris County Mud 230, Harris County Mud 383, Sienna Mud 10, Blue Ridge West Mud, Northampton Mud, Sienna Plantation Mud 3, Harris County Mud 419, Emerald Forest Utility District, Harris County Mud 152, Parkway Utility District, Fort Bend County Mud 134C, Malcomson Road Utility District, Hays Utility - Montgomery County Mud 9, Sunbelt Fresh Water Supply District - Oakwilde, Windfern Forest Utility District, Harris County Mud 96, Lake Forest Utility District, Nottingham Country Mud, Harris County Mud 189, Addicks Utility District, Sagemeadow UD, Brazoria County Mud 6, Montgomery County Mud 18, Harris County Mud 367, Fort Bend Mud 2, Cy Champ Pud, Fallbrook Utility District, Weston Mud, West Harris County Mud 10, Reid Road Mud 1, Harris County Mud 118, Montgomery County Mud 6, Montgomery County Mud 8, Harris County Mud 158, Grand Mission Mud 1, Montgomery County Mud 119 - Spring Trails, Heatherloch Mud, Harris County Mud 151, Horsepen Bayou Mud, Harris County Mud 354, Harris County Mud 196, Mission Bend Mud 1, Cypress Forest Public Utility District, Big Oaks Mud, Fort Bend Mud 35, Harris County Mud 364, Fountainhead Mud, Cinco Mud 14, Northwest Harris County Mud 15, Cinco Southwest Mud 4, Harris County Mud 222, Lake Mud, Harris County Mud 8, City Of Houston Water, Montgomery County Mud 15, Harris County Mud 16, West Harris County Mud 9, Prestonwood Forest Utility District, Harris County Wcid 74, Charterwood Mud, Interstate Utilities, Harris County Mud 70, Harris County Mud 239, Cinco Southwest Mud 2, Harris County Mud 163, Harris County Mud 5, West Harris County Mud 7, Fort Bend Mud 118, Chimney Hill Mud, Harris County Mud 86, Bilma Pud, Fort Bend County Mud 57, Cornerstones Mud, Montgomery County Mud 112, Brazoria County Mud 25, Fort Bend County Mud 143, Cinco Southwest Mud 3 - Daycare, Montgomery County Mud 94, Harris County Mud 179, Harris County Wcid 114, Cinco Mud 2, Harris County Mud 43, Fort Bend County Mud 146, Mayde Creek Mud, Westador Mud, Fort Bend Mud 119, Denton County Fresh Water Supply District 10 - Artesia, and West Harris County Mud, view all. This page provides information about Cornerstones Mud.

Cornerstones Municipal Utility District, a public community water system under the local government, provides water to about 5,331 residents living in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1978, Cornerstones Municipal Utility District System currently obtains its supply from the Evangeline Aquifer, a groundwater source where wells are drilled. 

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Houston Drinking Water Quality

Consumer Confidence Water Quality Reports

Under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the EPA requires Cornerstones Mud to assess local water quality each year and distribute a Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report. At WaterZen, we review these reports and make the information available, in a concise, straightforward, and easy-to-understand way. You can find CCR report on the Cornerstones Mud website.

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How to Start Houston Water Service

Starting Your Service

When you move to a new home in Houston, you'll most likely already have running water, but you'll still need to set up water service with the Cornerstones Mud. Luckily, Houston has made it pretty simple with the following online form. Starting service generally takes just two business days.

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Stopping Your Service

When you move out of a home in Houston, you'll need to stop your water service with the Cornerstones Mud, so you don't keep getting billed. Simply fill out the following online form. Stopping service normally takes just two business days.

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